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Title: "William Maltese, Author, Nude, as a Young Man (as Vlad Draqual, vampyre)"
Media: acrylic on canvas
Image Area: 18" x 24" (46cm x 100cm)
Commissioned: October 2008
ABOUT Mike Bliss

Mike Stead (AKA Mike Bliss) is an emerging artist who has been described as the “bastard child” of Roy Lichtenstein & Tom of Finland.

His work has a compositional simplicity that belies underlying complicated and sentimental narratives that invite viewers on journeys to catharsis. His main autobiographical elements, the artist‘s psyche and emotions as much illustrated on each canvas as is his subject‘s nudity, amplifies the participating intimacy Mike constantly demands of his audience. If his work can look easily achieved, even naïf, at first glance, what with its solid backgrounds, direct lines, and compositional simplicity, a second look reveals its underlying explorations of passion, lust and sentimentality. His are truly erotic images of a passionate artist eager to share his interpretive sensuality with the world.

Having studied fashion in Edinburgh, Mike presently lives and works in west London; thanks to his father‘s career in the Army, he was brought up in and exposed by various cities and cultures around the world. He has exhibited in group exhibitions in the UK and New York; he‘s had three one-man shows in London.

Title: "William Maltese, Author, Nude, as a Young Man (Sebastian Triptych)"
Media: mixed; drawings with collage plus rope and cocktail sticks
Image Area: 3 panels on fabric on card 50 x 58 cm each
Commissioned: 2009
ABOUT Charlie P!

Cult perfomance artist of the 70's and 80's, Charlie P!G has dropped the G and returned to his first love of figurative painting.

Starting with painted reliefs based on Moby Dick, the narrative has moved from the imagery into the construction. Working in a conflation of Art Povera and Baroque, Charlie uses found objects ranging from bedboards to ironing boards to create iconic/totemic objects around images of male sexuality. More than just paintings, the materials both initiate and portray a story of their own. A picture of a shipwrecked mariner is painted on a piece of broken ship-decking salvaged from the River Thames; one wonders who abandoned those huge bull's horns beside a council estate dustbin?

Having moved on to working with live models, his work is dedicated to them; inspired by the twin muses Serendipity and Synchroncity, he hopes to create his own Mythology.

ARTISTS ARTIST: Romérita Prates
Title: William Maltese, Author, Nude, as a Young Man ("The Vampyre Draqual Transforming")
Media: oil on canvas
Image Area: 12"x16"
Commissioned: 2008
ABOUT Romérita Prates

Romérita Prates is a self-taught artist who likes to paint many diverse and thematic paintings, but whose main interest is creating bizarre images inspired by bizarre realities. She makes a selection of many parts of an image and links them to build a new one. Images are her greatest inspiration and the way she links them is dependent upon her emotional state at the moment.

Title: "William Maltese, Author, Nude, as a Young Man (Hotter than Hell)"
Media: Computer-generated Photo Collage
Image Area: 10.74" x 8.24"
Commissioned: 2008
ABOUT J.L. Foster

From the grim and the ghoulish to the brightness of sheer beauty, J. L. Foster has an eye for artistic design. Aside from twisting real world into other dimensions with his digital art, J.L. has spent much time behind the camera, capturing the beauty and physical definitions of models from all over the world. Perhaps the greatest example of this can be found in his popular book “The Trail of the White Boxers: Volume One,” for which he produced the photography and the stories contained within. In December of 2008, J.L. displayed another side of his artistic freedoms when he showed off his acrylic styling for the first time at a gallery opening with fellow artist Donna Delmas Jackson.

Although much of J.L.’s personal life is kept quiet, he is proud of his family and the peaceful small town in which he resides. Some of his greatest artistic inspirations are Leonardo Da Vinci, Jackson Pollock, and his partner, artist William Hunter. A collector of camels and a lover of “Archie Comics,” J.L. believes in the understanding that his life is just as it should be right now, and it will be just as it should be ten years from now. An active believer in the Secret, the rules of attraction have been kind to him. Multi-published, happily married, and thoroughly content, J.L. has no regrets as he emerges into his thirties.

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